The Journey Begins

In case you hadn’t yet heard, I will be leaving in just a few short days to spend my summer in Lomé, Togo in West Africa. Here’s a map of Togo and the surrounding countries (with a reference in the corner indicating what part of Africa is being shown) in case you, like most people I’ve told about my summer plans, aren’t familiar enough with African geography to know where to find Togo:


While in Togo I will be working with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel Lynn and Mike Hutchinson. The Hutchinsons are dedicated to asset-based community development and transformative community ministry. Working alongside local partners, they are involved in various projects aimed at developing people’s talents and resources. Drawing on the assets and resources of the community, mentoring and equipping, they are helping Togolese discover their full capacity.

I will work with the Hutchinson’s ministry known as Togo House. Togo House is a flexible, responsive ministry which provides a place where local community people can come together to decide what they want to see happen and how they can work together to accomplish it. Through this flexible community-based ministry I will be assisting with educational and enrichment activities for children, summer day-camps for youth, and skills-building programs for adults. To learn more about Togo and the Hutchinsons, visit their ministry website here.

This blog will be a space for me to share with friends and family what I am doing in Togo and how my trip is going. Check back regularly for updates on my time abroad. Thanks for joining me in this journey!

<3, M


One thought on “The Journey Begins”

  1. So excited for you, Marianna! You will be in my prayers. Responding to God’s direction will bless others and continue to grow you into His ultimate plan for your life!


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