Cooking Class

This past Sunday was the first Sunday of June. On the first Sunday of every month Togo House has a cooking class for adults. This week ten people showed up: nine women and one man.

Togo House provided all the ingredients and materials. We pulled my oven/stove out into my living room and cooked there. We made banana muffins, cake and pancakes. Everyone participated to help mix, cook, flip etc. the food. It was a fun time!

Many of the participants who came were new to Togo House. Relationship building and engaging the community is incredibly important to Togo House and its mission to do Asset-Based Community Development (I’d love to tell you more about what this is if you’re interested), so this was exciting! Some of those who came could not follow along well in French, so Daniel (the Togo House director who lives in a separate building at Togo House with his family) translated what Mike said in French into Ewe as well.

Afterwards, everyone had their picture taken, first as a group and then individually, with the cooking supplies and finished products. Mike will print some of the pictures and hand them out at the next adult meeting. Everyone wanted to take a picture with me as well. The new Yovo (white person) is quite intriguing, apparently.



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