Photos of the Community

Here are some pictures I have taken while walking around the community. Hopefully these pictures will give you a feel for my community. These are the streets I walk and buildings I see on a daily basis. Enjoy!


School children on lunch from break.


The house across the street from the Hutchinsons.
The Hutchinsons’ home.
The Hutchinsons’ neighbor’s garden.

5 thoughts on “Photos of the Community”

  1. Wow, Marianna! How far do you have to walk daily? How far from your place to the Hutchinson’s house? God Bless You for your ministry! đź’–


    1. I don’t walk too far daily. It’s about a 10 minute walk from my house to the Hutchinsons. Most of these pictures are from that walk. Otherwise, I just walk up the street to a boutique for phone/internet credit, bread and little things, or just walk around to see the community and greet people. Community building and reaching the people in the neighborhood to let them know about Togo House is a big part of the ministry here. But whenever I need to go to the grocery store or other major places the Hutchinsons drive me in their truck.


  2. Hello Niece!

    I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. I usually look at them on Facebook and don’t reply, but I’m home today (Andy’s battery died, so he has my car). I’ve had questions about some of your other pictures, but don’t recall what they were.

    There are so few people in these pictures. Are they all at the Togo House doing art projects?! Just kidding. But where is everyone, seriously? Even what appear to be shops don’t have people around them. Did you go out and take pictures during their siesta?

    You look like you are having fun with the students, both large and little. Just caught the Origami and English Club on my phone. I didn’t know you knew how to make origami critters, l’oiseau y le poisson! You’re making me pull up vocabulary I haven’t really used in ummm maybe 40 years! lol

    Love you and happy to see you are fitting in so well. Hope you are learning culture, language, and leaving culture and language, plus a little of yourself!




    1. I tried not to take too many pictures directly of people. It’s usually nicest to ask permission first. But generally, there are people around in the early morning and early evenings (when people are coming and going from work), but I took these in the middle of the afternoon when I happened to be walking to the Hutchinsons’ house. So there were fewer people out and about at that time.


  3. Marianna,
    I’m so touched by your pictures and your willingness to serve Him in this faraway place! Love and blessings!


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